HBO’s Adaptation Of Stephen King’s ‘The Outsider’ Looks Like The First Must Watch TV Of 2020

How’s Jason Bateman gonna get out of this one?

2019 hasn’t even finished yet and we’re already talking about the television shows that we’re excited to be seeing in 2020 and the first of these looks like HBO’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel ‘The Outsider’.

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The television series tells the story of a man who finds at the centre of a murder involving a young boy. All of the evidence needed to convict him is there with security footage and witnesses present, but there’s one problem: he was legitimately 60 miles away at the time.

That’s already quite the hook isn’t it and if that wasn’t enough to snag you in then the fact that the cast includes Jason Bateman, Ben Mendelsohn (Captain Marvel), Cynthia Erivo (Widows), and Paddy Considine (Peaky Blinders) should be enough to tempt you. Bateman is also directing and after he won an Emmy for his work on Ozark, you probably need to recognise that you should be checking this one out.

Here’s the trailer:

Oh dear that looks creepy and tense as hell doesn’t it? And it’s shot in that same hue that makes Ozark so gritty and horrible as well which isn’t going to help the situation. Can’t wait.

For more of the same, check out this company that wants to pay you $1300 to watch Stephen King movies. What a way to make a living.


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