HBO Plan To CRUSH This Guy Called ‘The Spanish Spoiler’ Who Leaks ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers

Don’t worry, this post is 100% spoiler free.

HBO aren’t fucking about with ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 are they? Earlier this week they announced they’re coming down hard on illegal torrenters, and now they’ve made it clear they’re gunning for this dude known as ‘The Spanish Spoiler’.

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43-year-old Jose Senaris from Spain says he’s a digestive surgeon who also writes for a well-known Spanish TV show. He makes “predictions” about ‘Game of Thrones’ on YouTube, mostly in Spanish, but recently confessed that his predictions are really leaks from “an unnamed source”:

The truth is I never know when I will receive the info. I just find it in my email when the source is…able or wants to send it, so I’m as nervous as everyone else.


HBO Senior VP Jeff Cusson says only “a very small group” of people, including President Obama, got advance copies of the current sixth season (no press received copies due to piracy problems linked to previous seasons of the show.)

HBO aggressively protects its programming, but we find it counter-productive to publicly discuss specific anti-theft tactics.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act would suggest HBO has no right to go after Jose (they’ve forced YouTube to take down his videos before), because he’s just talking and not showing any footage.

However a law school professor told US News:

If he’s giving away detailed plot information, he definitely faces the possibility of being liable for criminal copyright infringement, no question.

Watch below if you want to get acquainted with Jose (DON’T WATCH if you haven’t seen Season 6 Episode 2):

Honestly, while I understand the gripes people have with spoilers, in Jose’s case they’re pretty easy to avoid. Just don’t watch his YouTube videos. I love ‘Game of Thrones’ and I’ve never even heard of the dude until now. In fact I’m pretty damn jealous of him. I wish I had someone e-mailing me ‘Game of Thrones’ secrets at random. Well actually I don’t, but I’d love to be the guy e-mailing him who got to see all the episodes in advance. Some people have all the luck.

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