Here’s The Moment Police Caught Hatton Garden Heist Gang Discussing How They Broke Into Vault


Police have released footage of the moment a ringleader of the Hatton Garden heist gang showed he broke into the underground vault containing millions of pounds worth of gems.

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67-year-old Terry Perkins was seen on police surveillance video demonstrating the pumping action which allowed them to break through the wall and get away with £14 million worth of valuables.

He can be seen meeting up with the raid’s mastermind Brian Reader, 76, and the team’s driver John Collins, 75, at The Castle pub in Islington where they discussed the heist and how to store/sell the shit tons of jewellery they took.

Watch below:

The film was leaked as three others involved in the heist were convicted — Carl Wood, 58, William Lincoln, 60, and Hugh Doyle, 48.

Perkins, Collins and Reader have plead guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary.

Here are some more bits of info from the case that have since emerged:

  • A raider known as ‘Basil’, who was one of two people who squeezed through the tiny hole to steal the jewels, has not been caught and police have admitted they have no idea who he is.

  • Although around £3.7 million of the loot has been restored to its owners, around £10 million worth remains unrecovered.

  • Some of the gang’s members have been involved in a series of infamous raids, including the Brinks Mat robbery and the Security Express raid in the 1980s.

  • The group’s plan is rumoured to have its origins in the £3 million 1971 Baker Street burglary, made into the 2008 film ‘The Bank Job’.

  • Despite 39 of the 40 victims known to have had goods stolen have come forward, one person who had valuables taken has not gone to the police.

  • The heist is believed to have taken around three years to plan, as the group researched security at the central London site.

Whoever this Basil fella is is one jammy motherfucker, that’s for sure. Will the rest of the crew keep schtum on his identity and whereabouts (if they even know)? It seems like it thus far.

The rest of the gang were caught after making a few cock-ups following the raid, mainly discussing it in their cars after police had planted covert recording devices in them.

Jones bragged in one recording:

The biggest cash robbery in history at the time and now the biggest Tom in the fucking world, that’s what they are saying … and what a book you could write, fucking hell.

Perkins was recorded saying:

I’m going to melt my good gold down. The Indian, the 18, that could be my pension if I could get half an idea of what’s there, you know what I mean.

Just a bit bait then.

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Looks like most, if not all these guys will live their final days out in prison. Not a bad idea waiting until their 70s I suppose. Still, maybe they’ll get a movie made about their lives before they kick the bucket. I’m thinking Michael Caine – 100%.

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