The Harvard Debate Team Just LOST A Debate To A Group Of Prison Inmates


Here’s something that’ll put a little blemish in the history books for Harvard — their debate team just got battered by a team of prisoners from Eastern New York Correctional Facility (not literally battered, they actually out-debated them).

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The inmates had to argue that “public schools in the United States should have the ability to deny enrolment to undocumented students” — a statement the prisoners actually disagreed with, but were still about to argue amazingly well.


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The prisoners don’t even have the luxury of using the Internet to get their research together like the Harvard crew, they have to request documents like books and articles which must then be approved by the prison in a process that takes weeks.

31 year old Alex Hall who’s doing time for manslaughter said:

We might not be as naturally rhetorically gifted, but we work really hard.


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Makes you wonder whether the Harvard debate team is even that good, but then that would just be taking away from the efforts of the prison debate team who obviously came into this firing on all cylinders. Maybe the Harvard team underestimated them? Maybe manslaughter-charge Alex shot them a look from across the stage that said “I’ll shank your whole team if you don’t go easy”. Whatever the case, a group of murderers and thieves just destroyed the supposed smartest uni debate team in America, so that’s something that doesn’t happen every day (or ever).

Bet Harvard hasn’t been this embarrassed since one of their professors accidentally e-mailed anal bead porn around campus.


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