Harvard Employee Busted After He Stole $80,000 Of The University’s Money To Buy LEGO

Harvard Employee Steals $80,000 To Buy LEGO

That’s a lot of LEGO.

Harvard employee Shawn Bunn has been charged with stealing $80,000 of the university’s money in order to buy LEGO and some other gadgets for his house.

He had been employed at the university for 17 years, but his colleagues began to become suspicious that he had been using his company credit card for personal expenditures. His house was eventually raided to see what he was spending it on and police found TV sets, electrical goods, multiple iPads, a table saw as well as a whole load of LEGO.

I’m personally a bit bummed out that he didn’t spend it all on LEGO, because I would have loved to see some pictures of a LEGO collection that was worth that much money. I imagine it would be like Will Ferrell’s in the LEGO movie, only about ten times as big. Just think about how much LEGO you could get with that much money eh?

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District attorney Marian Ryan had the following to say about it:

This is a breach of trust by a school employee.

Over a period of four years, the defendant is alleged to have made personal purchases in excess of $80,000 therefore diverting resources from the students and faculty of Harvard University.

Bunn now faces charges of larceny, false entry in corporate books, and using forged documents. He’ll be in court on October 28th to face the charges.

If Bunn liked LEGO so much maybe he should have just gone to the LEGO hotel in Florida – sure he would have had to pay and not actually own the LEGO, but it would probably have been as much fun and meant he didn’t end up in jail.


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