Harry Maguire Announces Birth Of Child 9 Months After £85 Million Transfer

Congrats on the sex.

You may remember back in April 2019, we wrote how Harry Maguire and fiancée Fern Hawkins welcomed the birth of their first child exactly 9 months after England beat Colombia in the World Cup semi finals.

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Well according to The Sun, they’ve done it again – this time welcoming their second child 9 months after Harry Maguire signed an £85 million contract with Manchester United.

Is there anything Harry Maguire loves more than shagging his wife after a big career milestone? Doesn’t look like it. I mean he literally got his wife pregnant immediately after the World Cup semi final performance and again immediately after signing that huge contract with Manchester United. You can pretty much set your watch to it by now.

The question is – what’s going to happen if Manchester United win the Premier League or Champion’s League? Lol, OK – we all know that’s not happening anytime soon. But if it did you can guarantee Fern Hawkins will be delivering baby #3 nine months later.

Congrats to the happy couple.

For the woman who gave birth outside Primark in Birmingham, click HERE.


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