Harry Kane Is Really Pissed Off About His New Ratings On FIFA 2017

Harry Kane FIFA Ranking

Unlucky mate.

I’ve often wondered what it’s like for professional footballers when you pick up a new copy of FIFA, eager to discover your new ratings but only to be bitterly disappointed by them. And now I no longer have that problem thanks to this video of Harry Kane finding out his new ratings.

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Kane was being interviewed by Copa 90 ahead of FIFA 17’s release at the end of the month and as part of the segment, they decided to reveal his ratings to him right there and then in the studio. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t quite what he was expecting:

Ouch. You can clearly see him looking pretty devastated by his rating there. I mean sure, it’s gone up by six over the previous year, but he just doesn’t sound happy with any of the stats or individual criteria or anything to do with his rating really.

To be honest, I can kinda sympathise with the guy – he won the golden boot last year and was overall completely sick, but just because England were crap at Euro 2016 he probably lost a few points. It’s just the tragedy of his birthplace I suppose and there isn’t really anything he can do about that now is there? Given how crap the start of his season has been again though, maybe he should just be thankful for what he’s got.

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