Murderer Makes Harrowing Final Plea Just Moments Before Receiving Lethal Injection


These were his final words.

Reports have revealed the final words spoken by a murderer just before receiving the lethal injection.

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50-year-old William Sallie went on a murderous rampage after his marriage broke down and he lost custody of his son back in 1990.

He killed his father-in-law John Moore after shooting him six times. Sallie also shot his mother-in-law Linda four times, although luckily she survived. He then abducted his wife and her sister and sexually assaulted them both over the course of several hours. It was these crimes that earned Sallie the death sentence by lethal injection.


Yesterday, Sallie was taken to the death chamber after a final meal of pizza at 9.38pm local time. He was strapped down to the bed while four nurses prepared his IVs before the witnesses arrived. It was then that Sallie was made to give a final statement. He said:

I am very, very sorry for my crime. I really am sorry.

Man is going to take my life tonight, but God saved my soul. I’ve prayed about this. I do ask for forgiveness.

Sallie was given the drug pentobarbital and shortly after, he passed. That’s going to be a bit of a bummer when Sallie finds out that God isn’t real, at least in the sense he thought.

It doesn’t sit right with many people that the death sentence is still applied in some states. I guess it shouldn’t really be someone else’s decision to end another person’s life, no matter how hideous their crimes. And the whole concept of the last meal is just disturbing – if it were me, I’d ask for a shit tonne of booze. Although apparently that’s not allowed.


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