Harrison Ford Earned 50 Times More Than His Co-Stars In The Force Awakens

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If you were worried that Harrison Ford wasn’t getting what he was worth for reprising the role of Han Solo in The Force Awakens, then you don’t need to any more – Variety are reporting that he earned a cool $15 – 20 million for his time.

He’ll also earn way, way more than that when the back end kicks in, as he negotiated a deal similar to Robert Downey in The Avengers – you know the one that made him the highest paid actor of all time. I guess Ford did break his leg during filming though so that’s fair enough.

Is it fair that all his other co-stars got paid so little though? Although Mark Hamill and Fisher are also on a similar deal to him – the studio decided that all of the ‘legacy’ stars would get back end cut for agreeing to reprise their roles – their basic salaries are somewhere in the six figures, as are all the new stars. Is it really fair that Harrison Ford gets SO MUCH more than everyone else?

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I suppose in fairness he’s the only one he forged something resembling a career – and a damn fine one at that – following the success of the original movie so it was quite a coup to get him back, but considering the original movies made him I probably would have come back and done it for a similar fee to the rest of my castmates considering I’m not a prick.

Although I suppose you have to factor in that he hates the Han Solo character so we should probably just be glad he came back at all. I mean he could quite easily have just spent the rest of his life watching David Blaine do magic tricks.


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