There’s A Candlelit Vigil For Harambe On October 28th With Over 5,000 Attendees


Dicks out.

No matter how you look at it, 2016 is probably going to always be remembered as the year of Harambe, as we were treated to millions upon millions of memes, jokes, pieces of fan art and sterling tributes for him.

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You might have thought that the Harambe myth was dying out, but you would be completely and utterly wrong, as we’re now approaching the five month anniversary of his death. As we all know, the five month anniversary of anything is a massively huge deal, so it’s been decided that there’s going to be massive gathering of people to mourn his passing at a candlelight vigil in London’s Hyde Park on next Friday October 28th.

Here’s the official blurb from the Facebook event:


On this day 5 months ago Harambe was cruelly taken from us.

He was the best of us all, and taught us to reach out and help others, no matter the costs.
The gorilla-shaped hole His passing left in our hearts may never be healed.

But we can still honor His memory by coming together to raise a candle in sadness, yet also in celebration.

We will never forget. May our dicks always be out.

Sounds like a great event, so much so that 5k+ people are already attending. Chances are you’ll probably at least be interested in the event after reading this, so see you there. Bound to be a lot of fun and feature a lot of guys getting their dicks out. Fantastic.

For more Harambe (RIP) news, check out the Street Fighter version of his story. Epic.


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