Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s a video to ruin your day.

Today the Irish are going to be shitfaced because it’s St. Patrick’s day. Not that it makes much difference what day it is though, the Irish can drink like fvck. Not surprising when they’ve got the best tasting Guinness in the world, though, is it? I’ve actually got Irish heritage so I can blame my drinking on the sheer quality of the black stuff, too. That’s my excuse right there.

So, I was trolling the Internet looking for some hot Irish girls on YouTube, I thought that perhaps some of them would post videos in the run-up to St. Paddy’s, but instead of finding the gold at the bottom of the rainbow I found this video that’ll probably ruin your morning and leave a mental scar in your brain that even 10 pints of Guinness won’t erase.

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