Check Out These Delicious/Disgusting Hangover Cures From Across The UK

Grease central.

Pretty much every single person reading this will know what it’s like to be hungover – and you’ll also know what it’s like to remedy the hangover somewhat with a giant plate of greasy food.

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There isn’t much better to cure those post-boozing blues than a bacon sarnie or Maccy’s. However, some people have a very unique routine during the morning after and the below images should give you some insight into what other people consider to be hangover food. Here goes:

Food 1 Food 2 Food 3 Food 4 Food 5 Food 6 Food 7 Food 8 Food 9 Food 10 Food 11 Food

For more of the same, check out these 20 sandwiches to fix your hangover. Enjoy.


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