Handyman Sexually Assaults Woman Then Explains To Her Why He Did It And Tries To Bribe Her To Keep Quiet

That’s scary.

A Watsonville, California man has been arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting a client and then trying to bribe her to keep quiet by threatening not to complete the works in her house.

He also looks like he might be a bit bladdered too:

Absolute serial killer vibes. I know it’s all “alleged” at this point that he sexually assaulted this woman but it certainly doesn’t look good given his behaviour in the video. I can’t believe he thought he was making a convincing argument for her to keep her mouth shut. “Your water, carpets and blinds are on the line” – lol, what an absolute weirdo.

According to the victim, he had blocked her in so she escaped to the neighbour’s house until he left and the police took it from there. The other two videos of the incident she uploaded were removed from TikTok for some reason:

Let’s hope this (alleged) pervert gets put away where he can’t bother another woman for a long time.

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