The most handsome band of the month award goes to The Magnificent.

I enjoy a good gig. I love watching new bands and deciding whether I Buy think they are putting on a good performance or not. However, something I generally like to keep secret is that, while I am measuring up a band musically, I am also checking them out. I know it makes me sound like an airhead but I find it much easier to appreciate bands that have hot members.

Last month I was at Boozy Du Fest at Santiago’s in Leeds and for some reason decided to bite the bullet and share my secret with my friend Alex. As a musicAi??connoisseurAi??I Ai??was completely expecting where can i get robaxin him to disapprove of my confession, but in fact he told me that he also enjoys appreciating a handsome band and we started a fascinating discussion about who the Inflatable bounce house hottest bands in punk rock are. To my surprise a lot of our other male friends enthusiastically joined in on the discussion. In some cases purchase deltasone low-dose therapy may be required. So it would seem I’m not actually alone on this.

We decided that the hottest bands are definitely Dead to Me, the Gaslight Anthem and the Lawrence Arms. We began from that moment on to use the “Dead to Me yardstick” online to rate the ‘handsomeness’Ai??all the bands we would be watching that evening on a scale of 1-10.

Although Bangers and Above Them had some pretty handsome members, the clear winners of the evening Ai??were The Magnificent.


The striking thing about them (I’m speaking purely in terms of handsomeness here, Purchase although their performance was very good too) was that every single member was very handsome.

They were also all very well Buy dressed – I particularly liked the drummer’s outfit and the lead singer’s stubble. I thought they were all very confident too which of course helps a band’s handsome factor.

In the end we decided to give the band a handsome rating of 8 out of 10 against the Dead to Me yardstick. Which is not bad at all. I hope that anyone considering whether or not to go out and Buy see this band will take into account that they are guaranteed to be very handsome.

So that’s this Purchase month’s handsome band but there must be thousands of handsome bands out there waiting to be discovered. Who will be next month’s most handsome band? If you know any really handsome bands that could compete with the handsomeness of Dead to Me and are playing in the north of England in the next month do let me know and I will be happy to go and check them out.


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