Hammond, May And Clarkson Are Shitting All Over ‘Top Gear’ With Their New Racing Driver


Suck it.

Following the almost universal pummelling of the BBC’s attempt at ‘Top Gear’ without Clarkson, May and Hammond, all eyes have been on their new show ‘The Grand Tour’, which is set to premiere in November on Amazon Prime.

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Not too much is known about it at the moment, but a sneak peek at it was released over the weekend which reveals that the threesome have managed to convince the old Stig Ben Collins to come over to their side and be their racing driver. In the clip, you see him testing out some pretty sweet looking cars with a new Corvette, Mercedes and Porsche.

Yeah, pretty standard Clarkson, Hammond and May really isn’t it, but there’s nothing wrong with that is there? Can’t wait for this and glad that the Stig is back for it, even if they can’t use his real name it’s still a massive kick in the teeth for the BBC that the’ve actually revealed his identity just like that after all these years. They really are pulling out all the stops for this one, aren’t they?

Speaking of the BBC and ‘Top Gear’, did you hear who the new permanent host is going to be after Chris Evans stepped down? Not a bad shout to be honest.


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