This Guy’s Halloween Thread Is The NSFL Story Nobody Asked For

That’s one way to get mentally scarred for life.

It’s Halloween which means it’s as good a time as any to share stories about strange, unexplainable, or  just downright horrific and terrifying things that we’ve experienced in our lives.

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This guy on Twitter named Grady Hendrix got well and truly in the spirit of things by sharing this NSFL story about a man who lived – and died – in the ceiling of his childhood home.

Check out the thread below:

Welp, I guess it’s time to go up in the attic, check all the crawl spaces and all the vents around the house too.

What I want to know is how nobody suspected anything all that time? Didn’t they notice their leftover food going missing or was this guy just so careful and methodical that he knew not to make it obvious. I guess that’s the only explanation. Wonder how Grady’s parents reacted after finding out their son wasn’t a lunatic after all?

For a look at the world’s most extreme haunted house, click HERE. Why not visit next year?


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