Halle Berry Defends Herself Over Rumours That She ‘Isn’t Good In Bed’

I’d take my chances.

On a recent episode of Fox Soul’s ‘Cocktails With Queens’, a crew of hating-ass bitches began discussing which celebrities they believed were good in bed, and at one point in the discussion speculated that R&B singer Toni Braxton knew how to please a man.

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Actress LisaRaye McCoy immediately added:

We don’t know what [Braxton] is doing in the bedroom. She might be like Halle Berry.

The other women then pressed her:

Wait … What do you mean about Halle Berry. She’s not supposed to be good in the bed?

To which McCoy responded:

That’s what they said. That’s what I read. And that’s what I heard. That’s what they say.

Ooh, girl! Those are some shots fired right there. There’s no way a woman says this about another woman without being completely jealous of her, right?  And what is “That’s what they said. That’s what I read. And that’s what I heard. That’s what they say” supposed to mean? That’s what who says? Where did you read it? Where did you hear it?

In any case, the moment immediately went viral and it wasn’t long till Halle Berry got wind of it. The 54-year-old Hollywood legend responded in the best way possible, by laughing it off and suggesting LisaRaye ask her husband for the details:

Meanwhile, LisaRaye McCoy is twice divorced and currently single and hating on a woman who looks a million times better than her despite being a year older:

Get her, Halle! I mean hasn’t LisaRaye seen her riding Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball? That’s a technique that cannot be taught.

For Halle Berry’s response to WWE legend Ric Flair’s claims that he banged her, click HERE. Is The Nature Boy telling porkie pies?


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