Help This Half An Onion In A Bag Get More Twitter Followers Than Donald Trump

No seriously.

You read that right. Some complete jokester has set up a comedic Twitter account for the sole purpose of pissing off Donald Trump and they’re doing it using the identity of half an onion in a ziploc bag (aka a sandwich bag to us Brits).


There’s no doubt that Trump, an avid Twitter user whose anger has grown notoriously and currently has his staff tiptoeing around him due to his easily enraged nature, could quite easily be offended by this hilarious spoof. The account already stands at 534k followers which is pretty good going seeing as it was only created a mere five days ago, although it has a long way to go before hitting the 55m mark where Trump’s personal account currently stands.

The tweets are pretty fuckin’ funny too:

Better get following really.

No wonder people are worried for his wife Melania’s safety is he’s supposedly such an easily angered menace – the poor woman is probably treading on eggshells. Or onion peels.


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