Hairy Nails With Tiny Faces Are Now A Thing

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The latest fashion trend.

There are always crazy new trends popping out all over the place, but sometimes you’ve gotta think that maybe people have gone too far.

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Case in point are these hair nails with tiny faces that come courtesy of visual illusion artist Dain Yoon. Not sure if these are actually real or just a visual illusion, but given the fact that they’ve only been on Instagram for a couple of days and have received well over 100,000 likes, then you’re going to assume that someone is already hard at work creating them as there is definitely an very big monetisation opportunity right there.

People seem to absolutely love them basically, although I’m not really sure what the appeal is though:

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Hair Nails 2

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Kinda cool I guess? Not really sure how you would eat, wipe your butt or keep them clean once they were installed, but I suppose that’s all secondary to looking cool so you would definitely find a way. You would have to, although I’m still not sure if these are a real product or will ever be. If you’re one of those people hoping for them though, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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