Love Wine? This Was Made For You


Plug and chug.

Do you ever look at your wine glass and think: “I wish I could fit more in there?” Same here.

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Well luckily, this problem is a thing of the past thanks to the ‘Guzzle Buddy’. This glass might look like your regular wine cup, but instead of a stem, there’s a spout at the base so that you can attach it to any bottle of wine (or harder stuff, depending on what mood you’re in).


Clever stuff right? The advert is trying to sell this as a convenient way for commuters to have a drink or for people who want a little tipple on the road – but I think we all know that this is a handy way to down a bottle of wine in one sitting. Plus when you go out you can genuinely tell people that you only stuck to one glass, so no one’s going to think you’re an alcoholic (unless they see you chugging it of course).


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If you’re interested in the Guzzle Buddy, they’re readily available on Amazon for £22. Seems pretty steep for a glass, but I guess you’re paying for the novelty of it. Might make a good Christmas present for your booze hound buddies as well.

For more on wine, did you know you can buy a nice bottle of red for your cat? Great idea for all you lonely alcoholics out there.


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