The Guys Who Take Their Pants Off To Win Street Fights Return But One Of Them Gets KO’d This Time

Guys Drop Pants Get Knocked Out

If you don’t get your pants off in time, you’re gonna get KO’d.

The guys who take their pants off in order to win street fights in the hood have been featured on the site a couple of times now because their videos are goddamned hilarious, but there’s only so long you can run with a good joke.

I think that’s why they’ve decided to take this video to the next level and actually film themselves getting owned in the hood instead of just scaring people off with their junk like they did in the previous videos. Most of the time they just get punched or pushed over and then drop their kegs and everyone who is fighting them still gets scared and runs off, but that last shot sure is a doozy as the dude gets clean dropped with a sucker punch from the guy he’s starting on.

I guess filming pranks like these is more dangerous than it looks.

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