This Guy’s Rules For His Girlfriend’s Holiday To Magaluf Are Beyond Psychotic

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Just break up.

Settle down, get the popcorn out and get comfy because boy do we have a dumb story for you.

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The tale centres around 20-year-old Josh Utting and 18-year-old Lucy Talton, who were both in a semi-relationship (“seeing each other”) as they were planning to go on separate holidays to Spain.

Josh decided to send a ‘list of rules’ to Lucy before she travelled to Magaluf, and when this list was posted online/went viral, people were quick to criticise Josh and call him a psycho. Which is fair enough when you see the list:

Definitely psychotic. But wait, because there’s even more stupidity to this story. Here’s what Josh first had to say about the list:

Well me and Lucy, let’s just say we’re sort of ‘seeing each other’ for a few months and the list was written purely just for a joke and none of it was actually meant to be taken seriously.

But when I sent it, she actually agreed to the things and said they seemed fair enough as long as I stuck to the same things when I was on holiday.

The majority of the things in there are what you’d expect someone you’re close to not even do anyway.

So I think the way people are saying I’m psycho etc is a bit extreme because I’m sure they wouldn’t want their boyfriend or girlfriend to do any of those things while on holiday either.

What, making eye contact with boys? I’m pretty sure most people would be OK with that Josh.

Lucy Talton

Anyway, it turns out his list was completely one-sided and Josh ended up hooking up with a load of girls on holiday. So whilst Lucy wasn’t even allowed to be pictured with another bloke, Josh was happily shagging whoever he wanted during his lad’s trip. Here’s a picture Josh’s friend sent to Lucy of him with another girl:


This is what Lucy had to say:

We were seeing each other for about 5/6 months then stopped due to him sleeping with others girls while seeing me.

Then we were going to try again because he told me he was in love with me – he made the rules for us to both stick to while on holiday.

I stuck to them and he slept with four girls in a week and in his words: “If I didn’t pull I’d pull one of the girls from the night before.”

Unbelievable. So not only did Josh act like a complete and utter controlling psycho with the whole list, but he was the one who was breaking all the rules anyway. Young love, hey? Thankfully Lucy has seen the light and has said she is “never going back there”.

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