Guys Reveal The Most Psychopathic Ways Girls Have Ever Tried To Hook Up With Them

From the weird to the downright terrifying.

These days, the dating world is levelling out and it is now as commonplace for the girl to hit on the guy as much as it is vice-versa. As it should be – equality is the right way to go.

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As a result, acting like a total creep works both ways now and a bunch of heterosexual guys decided to share their stories online to answer the question: “What’s the creepiest/weirdest way a woman has hit on you?” Here are some of the best answers:


A girl reached out to me on FB who lived in my neighborhood, said she was looking for friends, and asked to meet up. Being new to the hood myself I said sure. We met at a bar and she was a little troll of a woman. Not only was she fat and ugly, she just had a nasty personality, and complained about everything.

I tried to be nice about having other plans and needing to go, but she followed me. I awkwardly let her tag along to a friend’s house. When we arrived, within ten minutes my friends soured on her and the host pulled me aside and said, you gotta get her out of here.

I offered to drive her back to her house, and when we arrived she asked me to come in. I politely declined, and she she said I could do whatever I wanted to her. I had no desire to do any such thing, so I said thanks but no thanks.

Then she said she wasn’t getting out of the car unless I came inside and got a blowjob. After more deliberation I said ok and followed her to her door. She had a picket fence with a gate out front, so as soon as she went through the gate I closed it and ran back to my car.

She started yelling and screaming at me and tried to open the doors, which I had quickly locked. I tried to pull out of the space, but she blocked me in. I backed up onto the curb to get around her, and she pushed in my side mirrors and bent my antenna, screaming obscenities as I peeled out.



Sent me pictures of myself through my window from her parked car outside my apartment. The kicker was it was from an unknown number as she was using a third party messaging app.

She thought she was being cute, but it creeped the holy hell out of me.


There was this girl who sent me a suicide note and told me “I love you so much that I’d die without you”. We’ve been talking for about 3 days at this point


Girl in a bar put her fingers up to my nose and asked if I liked her scent.


When I was a 24 year old ski instructor, a married sixteen-year old girl told me she wanted to sleep with me. I told her that a) She was married, b) she was underage, and c) the last thing I wanted to do was get a teenage girl pregnant.

She came back a few weeks later with documentation proving she was on the pill, her divorce papers, and photocopied excerpts from a law book clarifying that age of consent laws do not apply when a person is married or has been married.

The girl did her homework.


My buddy’s girlfriend showed up at my front door drunk and ready to bang. She professed her love for me and had built up this secret relationship between the two of us in her head. Like, we had our song and stuff like that. She said that the only reason that she was still with him was so that she could see me. I was pretty creeped out. I was polite, but told her that I wasn’t interested in anyway. I made sure that she got home safe and then called my friend to tell him what happened. When he confronted her, she said that we had slept together that night. He called me on speakerphone in front of her and asked what happened. I told him the same story I told him the night before. He broke up with her right there and threw her out of his house. She emailed me about 6 months later to tell me that she missed me. I did not respond.

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