Watch These Guys Prank Thieves With A 1000 Degree Bike Saddle

Blowtorch Bike


These guys have been dining out on their bait bike YouTube videos for a long time now, but amazingly they still keep coming up with ingenious ways to make them even better.

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If you’re unfamiliar with them, the videos basically involve the gang setting up a booby trapped bike and then waiting for someone to try and steal it and face the consequences. It’s a great premise.

In the latest instalment, the gang manage to attach some 1000 degree blowtorches underneath the saddle and leave them on, so whoever comes and sits on it gets their ass blown off. The video doesn’t disappoint:

Ouch. I love the way that immediately after the guys have burnt their butts some annoying dudes come out of nowhere and start spraying them with a fire extinguisher. My favourite was the guy with his hood up who just tried to style it out and walk off without making eye contact whilst all these guys were spraying him with extinguishers. Fail.

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