Watch This Guy Get Wiped Out By A Pigeon On Europe’s Fastest Rollercoaster

Pigeon rollercoaster

Lights out.

Thrill seekers sometimes pay the ultimate price for their addictions, other times they just take a face full of pigeon at 400ft. That’s exactly what happened to this dude as he turned his thrill-seeking knob up to around four, and climbed aboard Europe’s fastest and supposedly tallest rollercoaster.

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This thing goes from 0-112mph in just five seconds and is 100 feet taller than that massive one in Blackpool. Never really been into rollercoasters much myself, and I don’t really fancy having my dinner thrown in my face, alive, at over a hundred miles an hour either.

Unfortunately for this guy he had no choice, and ended up getting a face full of pigeon on the Red Force accelerator at Ferrari Land in Spain:

Personally I think we could save ourselves lot of time and money by just building this shit on Rollercoaster Tycoon. VR is a thing now so just get a pair of those weird goggles and download some coaster simulations and save yourself from the indigestion that this guy almost definitely endured.

At least he wasn’t riding on the rollercoaster that has been designed to literally kill the riders. That would be too much destruction for one day.


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