The Guy With The Wide Neck Has Been Arrested Again And His Neck Is Bigger Than Ever

Wide Neck

Does he keep doing this deliberately?

The guy with the wide neck was undeniably one of the best memes of last year – just how can you get a neck that big? – but I was hoping that he would use his viral fame to get on the straight and narrow and not head back to jail again.

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case as another mugshot of him has emerged following his arrest in Penascola, Florida. Thankfully though these are for old charges and he should be out of jail within a week and according to this post from his management – who didn’t miss a beat in uploading this picture to ensure his viral fame came back around – he won’t be going back to jail after this latest brush with the law:

Well, I’ll believe it when I see it but I hope it all works out for him. If hot felon Jeremy Meeks can get married to some rich ass heiress and have a baby with her, then maybe Wide Neck can become a WWE wrestler or something. Dream big.

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