This Guy Went To One Of The Last Remaining Blockbuster Videos On Earth (VIDEO)

Blockbuster Video

I can’t believe they even still exist.

Back in the 90s, you would see a Blockbuster Video in pretty much every town and suburb that you went through. Back then, renting videos was a way of life and something that everyone knew how to do and everybody did. It was so annoying when you went to the video shop and somebody else had already snapped up the movie you wanted that night. So annoying.

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Anyway, obviously now everyone just streams all their movies and pretty much all the Blockbuster Videos in the world seem to have disappeared because why do they need to exist anymore? I mean who even owns a VCR anymore, right?

However, there is still one Blockbuster video at least and it’s located in Indiana somewhere. Upon learning of its existence, the dude from the YouTube channel Retro Rewind decided to take a road trip there to check out what the hell happens in a Blockbuster Video in 2016. It turns out that it isn’t a lot, because the place is empty, obviously, but the guy still has a whale of a time walking around and looking at stuff and remembering all the times he spent in there as a kid:

Lol what a geek. I can kind of relate to everything he’s saying though, I suppose it would be pretty weird going to a video library these days. Glad they got the Quickdrop in there as well.

I still can’t believe that a Blockbuster Video still exists. I mean how the hell does it stay in business? How the hell is it still so big? Do people still own VCRs over there? So many questions.

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