Guy Uses $2.2 Million To Turn His Backyard Into The Sickest Water Park Ever


One of the best uses of $2.2 million ever.

Hal Jones of Austin, Texas sounds like pretty much the coolest guy ever.

He always dreamed of having a completely sick water park in his backyard, so when he finally got the money he decided to go and build it. And he didn’t scrounge on it either, investing a full $2.2 million into it, so it wouldn’t end up like Action Park – officially the most dangerous water park ever. Now, Hal has one of the sickest water parks ever right in his back yard.

It has four different pools, a kiddie pool, one of the biggest jacuzzis ever, a lazy river, a 60-foot water slide, an edge pool and a swim up bar – pretty much everything you could ask for in a water park. And it’s all in this motherfucker’s back yard. Take a tour around it in the video below.


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