Guy Gets Trolled To The Extreme By Tinder Match After Forgetting They Already Had Sex

Déjà vu.

A pissed off student took the opportunity to troll a man she met on Tinder after he forgot that they had already slept together.

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After swiping right and striking up a conversation, the girl decided to drop hints about the pair’s previous encounter until the penny finally dropped. That’s when shit gets awkward. The dude who posted his mate’s conversation has since deleted it, but the first couple of screenshots show the guy striking up the regular Tinder conversation, asking her what she’s looking for:

Tinder 1

When conversation turns to her previous Tinder hookups, her hints become even more brutal:

Tinder 2

And then the penny drops:

Tinder 3

Amazingly, despite telling him he was shit in bed and that her and her mates were laughing about him, he still tries his luck:

Tinder followup

Tinder followup 2

Guys will do anything for a shag. The moral of the story is, make note of your Tinder conquests, because otherwise it might come back and bite you in the arse like it did for this guy.

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