Guy Tries To Join Five A Side Kickabout, Receives Insane 14 Page ‘Code Of Conduct’ Document

Next level insanity.

As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to organise a kick about with your mates and so more and more of us end up joining up with random mates of mates in a weekly game, usually governed by a WhatsApp group. Most of these are fairly easy going affairs, but then, well then there’s the one you’re going to read about in this article.

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An innocent enough sounding guy called Martin (who sounds like he’s into boxing as well from his Twitter handle) revealed that he enquired about joining a weekly game, only to be greeted with an absolutely insane 14 page document detailing the rules and regulations of the club. I’ll let him pick out the highlights:

I mean I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here and say that it I’m in a bunch these WhatsApp groups and it is VERY annoying when people drop out at the last minute/turn up late etc etc, but often it literally can’t be helped a lot of the time and I don’t think the answer to that is to be form a totalitarian regime around what’s essentially supposed to be a bit of a kickabout with your mates? Maybe it works for these guys, but I’m in no rush to be formally exiled by my friends for 32 weeks because I’m in a car accident and can’t make it to the game and didn’t let anyone know because I was in a coma for a week. Sorry guys.

Props to Martin too for doing an excellent blow by blow analysis of the ridiculousness of the whole situation. If you ever need some work, hit us up.

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