This Dude Lost His Finger In A Freak Football Accident (NSFW/GRAPHIC)

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A 25 year old guy called Samuel Bowles has to be one of the most unlucky people in history after he managed to lose a finger when he went for a game of five a side with his mates in a completely bizarre incident.

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It turns out that someone had booted the ball over the fence (there’s always one) and Sam very kindly offered to climb over it to and get it in order to speed things up. Instead though it ended up slowing down the game and probably getting it called off as when he hopped down from the top of the fence his wedding ring got caught on it and ripped his entire finger off. Ouch.

Here’s what he had to say about it, interspersed with some shots of his finger. They are absolutely grim so if you don’t want to grimace then I suggest not scrolling down:

Finger On Ice

I landed on the floor and realised something was up because my face was warm from blood.

My finger was squirting blood everywhere and it was when I tried to stop the bleeding that I realised I had no finger to grab. One of the lads on the pitch realised my finger had fallen onto the pitch.

He picked it up and luckily he was a doctor so shoved it in ice and ran round to me.

Finger Ripped OFf

Unfortunately for Si, his finger was so shredded that there was no way that the doctors could stitch it back on, so he’s now known as four fingered Sam. Considering he’s lost his fucking finger he seemed in remarkably good spirits about it and just seems to be laughing and joking with everyone about it. Here’s his last Facebook status update:

Sam Bowles Facebook

Fair play to the guy. I think if that happened to me then I would be absolutely screwing. I’m even very conscious of having all my fingers as I’m typing this it’s made me feel so icky. I suppose you don’t really need that finger for much (except wearing your wedding ring) so it’s probably right for him to look on the bright side of it, but it still must have been a bummer and must have hurt like hell. Respect.

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