This Guy Got His Big Toe Ripped To Shreds By A Lawnmower (NSFL)

Ouch doesn’t even cut it.

We’ve featured a whole bunch of horrific injuries over the years here on Sick Chirpse, but this one sent in by long time reader Max Chambers might just take the biscuit because it is completely and utterly rancid.

Max works as a landscape gardener by trade and he suffered an absolutely horrific accident recently where his big toe literally got shredded to bits by a lawnmower, so much so that it will never ever have a toenail grow on it again.

I’m gonna post another picture of him swearing at the lawnmower before the real gross stuff, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Honestly this is some of the rankest shit we’ve ever posted, please be careful and think about it before you scroll down:













Jesus Christ that’s quite a journey isn’t it? Here’s what Max had to say about his ordeal:

So I am a landscape gardener by trade, and it was just a normal day of mowing grass.

Now we don’t always wear PPE, sometimes wear trainers when on domestic sites such as people’s gardens as we are on our feet all day.

This time I slipped going down a grass bank with the mower and both my feet slipped under the mower and my hands gripped tight of the handle with the safety engine stop, and so the blade came round and gave a pretty heavy wack to my left big toe.

Straight after it happened I got off my ass and looked down in shock to see me bone and blood and I had to run about 20 seconds to my work mates to get help.

4 days in the hospital, I had tendons re attached, a “K wire” put in to keep my toe together, and a whole lot of stitches to stop it from falling apart.

2 weeks later I had a skin graft to cover the still hole in my toe, now to this date, I am still waiting to get the pin removed!

And no I will never have a toenail again haha.

Well at least he seems in good spirits about the horrific and no doubt painful experience. I guess it’ll be a good conversation starter when he’s on the beach or at the pool party in Ibiza or whatever if nothing else. Fair play for sending them in and hope you get the pin out soon Max.

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