A Guy Threw Tomatoes At Donald Trump During His Rally Last Night

Donald Trump Tomato

Nice shot.

Donald Trump was on the campaign trail again last night, appearing in Iowa.

What marked it out from most Donald Trump rallies in the last year though, was that this time an absolute hero named Andrew Joseph Alemao decided to throw a couple of tomatoes at him during his speech. Unfortunately only the second one came close to hitting him and Trump then seemed to positively revel in getting his security guards to throw Alemao out.

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Classy moves from Trump. It’s just a shame that the guy didn’t have better aim right?

I’m not really sure if this will help or hinder Trump. Obviously a tomato hitting him would have made him look pretty stupid, but the people that his show of strength in throwing him out and the blasé attitude that comes with it will appeal to exactly the people the might vote for him annoyingly.

Here’s a picture of the remains of the tomato at the rally, so we can lament what might have been:

If you need any more convincing of Trump’s lunacy, then check out the video below:


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