This Guy Got Tasered By Police After He Refused To Stop Having Sex With A Car Exhaust

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Only one way to stop that.

It seems like police are all too happy to bring out the taser these times and whilst it’s preferable to getting shot, there are probably still a bunch of times where its use isn’t exactly justifiable. I don’t think this is one of those times though.

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24 year old Ryan Scott Malek from Newton, Kansas was four times over the legal alcohol limit over the weekend and although that usually leads too fighting and rowdy drunken behaviour, his crime was simply that he refused to stop having sex with a car exhaust. Tasering him for this may sound a bit extreme, but when you think about it what else were the police supposed to do when this guy is straight up refusing to stop ramming his dick up someone’s car exhaust? There aren’t a lot of options. Apparently Malek was completely oblivious to what he was doing too which is hardly going to aid the situation.


Once he had been tasered, the police took him to a local hospital where he was given the chance to sober up. Following on from that, he was taken to court where he plead guilty to lewd and lascivious behaviour and put on probation for one year. Not sure if he’s been served with a restraining order from the car in question but that would probably be an idea too. Daresay Malek would probably say his punishment was worth the crime though. Just saying.

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