This Guy Got Caught Having Sex With His Car In Broad Daylight (NSFW)

Man Caught Sex Car


Sometimes there’s just no way you can keep it in your pants when you’re with someone you find insanely attractive, but that’s usually only the case between two humans and not one man and a car.

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Not so in this video, which was uploaded a couple of days ago in Brazil. In it, a guy is caught crouched over on the street with his dick in the exhaust pipe of a car pumping it in and out relentlessly, only to get called out by the guy on camera and perform one of the most embarrassing walks of shame in history:

Awkward. Here’s the translation of what the guy was yelling at him in Portuguese:

Is it good?

Your car fucker!

Did you come?

Lol. Nothing like getting caught doing something really embarrassing and then getting totally rinsed by the guy who caught you as well. Ain’t ever gonna live this one down buddy.

Surprisingly though, there are quite a lot of people out there who are into fucking cars. Check out this interview with a guy who’s proud of the fact, unlike our friend in this video.


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