A Guy Stuck 15 Boiled Eggs Up His Rectum And Tore His Intestines

Boiled Eggs

What did he think was going to happen?

Everyone knows that sticking stuff up your ass for the most part feels kinda good in a freaky way, but there’s gotta be a limit to that sort of stuff because otherwise you’re gonna get stuff stuck up there and it’s going to cause some serious damage, like the guy in this story found out.

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The unnamed man is from the Netherlands and got into a spot of bother when he decided to boil up a bunch of eggs and then stick them up his rectum. He had been doing GHB beforehand so that might go some way to explaining his mentality, but even so I think it’s pretty outrageous to try and stick that many eggs up your butthole. I mean one or two sure, but 15 really is asking for trouble.

And trouble was exactly what the guy received as he began to feel unwell and upon being admitted to hospital it was discovered that there perforation of the pelvic colon and giant amounts of air and fluids in his abdominal cavity. An emergency laparotomy was performed successfully to sort this problem out, with the doctor saying the following about it all:

Boiled Eggs 2

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The eggs were removed as well as we could and the abdominal cavity was thoroughly rinsed.

After the operation, the patient was monitored in intensive care for a short time.

After several days he could leave the hospital in a clinically good condition.

Sounds a bit dodgy that the eggs were only removed as well as they could? Does that mean that a couple of them are still down there or something? At least he’s in a ‘clinically good condition’ I guess. Hmmmmm.

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