This Guy’s Story About The Theft Of His New Sex Doll Has More Twists And Turns Than You Can Imagine

Sex Doll

Serious swerves.

If you’re going to buy a sex doll, it’s probably not something that you’re going to publicise to the outside world, but for some reason this guy decided to put it all over his Facebook feed and man, is it one hell of a story. It’s got more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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Probably better to just jump right in with this one, so here goes:

Wow. I did not see that ending coming when he made up that detailed story about the meth addict. Even that bit was a bit of a twist as before we thought that one of his friends was going to have stolen it. But for him to make it all up really was a major twist. Never could have predicted it.

My other question though is just who exactly is this guy and why does he have friends and fans? And why would these friends and/or fans actually send him in a sex doll? That’s a pretty expensive gift you know – kinda wanna get to this guy’s notoriety levels so people send me awesome free gifts all the time too.

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