This Guy Stole A Human Brain And Used It To Get High

Justin Long

One of the more bizarre stories we’ve featured on the site.

In one of the more bizarre stories we’ve featured on the site, a 26 year old Pennsylvania man named Joshua Long has admitted to stealing a human brain and using the embalming fluid it was sorted in to spray on marijuana in order to get high.

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Long was busted when his aunt found the human brain in a department store bag under a porch while cleaning out a trailer. He was already in jail at this point for another unknown offence, but admitted to his aunt that he had stolen the brain and knew it was illegal to do so, but would spray the embalming fluid in the bag the brain was stored in onto weed so he and his buddy could get high. Apparently it was a killer buzz.

Joshua Lee Long

A coroner has since confirmed that the brain was real and Long has also admitted that he used to hang out with it a lot and named it Freddy. Police think that he stole it from a local university or something.

Long himself has now been charged with abuse of corpse and conspiracy. He’ll remain in jail for his other crimes until it’s time for him to stand trial for this one, but given the fact that he’s already admitted to doing it I don’t think he’s gonna have much chance of getting out of this one.

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