This Guy Got A Stella Artois Logo Tattooed On The Back Of His Head To Prove How Much He Loves Drinking It



I always think that the problem with getting something that you really love tattooed on you is that you don’t really know how you’e going to feel about it in twenty years and even if you’re certain that you’re never going to not like it, it’s too much of a commitment (for me anyway) to get it inked on your forever.

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27 year old Connor Davidson 100% doesn’t have this doubt in his mind though – or on the back of his head. The dude loves drinking Stella Artois so much that he’s fully pledged his life to the brand by getting the logo tattooed on the back of his skull for everyone to see. Loud and proud.

Here’s what Connor had to say about his decision:


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Normally I put stuff on TikTok and only get about 500 views. Then I put that one up and then in the first hour, I think it was over 1,000.

And then the next minute, my brother’s girlfriend said to me in the nighttime, ‘have you seen it?’ I was like, ‘no,’ I went back on and I think it was at 1.5 million.

Normally I put everything up there, and it never happens. I put this up, and it’s only a tattoo and well, and I thought, ‘how the hell has this just blown up?’

When someone dares me, I always do it.

Literally, I was just around my mate’s one day having a few drinks when one of my mates saw the design. He turned around to me and was like, ‘I bet you won’t get this done’.

I was thinking about it for two weeks on and off. In the end, I texted the tattoo artist and said ‘Can you get me in this week?’ He went, ‘yeah,’ then boom.

It was meant to go on the back of my leg.

But I went one step further and got it on the back of my head.

Because I’ve got both sides done, it was only a little small gap at the back.

All my friends like it, my family’s not [keen] on it but it’s there now.

You get some people who say ‘EDL final boss’, ‘wife-beater’ and all that, but there are a load of decent comments. But it feels like there’s a couple of people driving it.

OK so there’s a lot to unpack there but my main takeaway from it for me is how the guy is struggling to understand why a video of him with a Stella Artois logo on the back of his head is going viral?! It’s obvious: it’s because it’s a completely nonsensical tattoo for anyone to get, especially in that location. Come on guy.

We have to at least give the guy some credit though. He’s a tattoo artist in training and has already got both sides of his head inked up, so it’s perhaps not as awful as you might first think when you hear about someone getting a Stella Artois logo tattooed on the back of his head. Still absolutely terrible though mind, just ever so slightly less. Good luck to the guy.

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