This Guy Has Spent £1120 On A Custom Mermaid Tail

The Little Merman

Solid investment.

Loathe am I to tell anybody how to spend their hard earned cash, but there are often times on Sick Chirpse where I think just why the hell would someone want to spend so much on something so weird and unnecessary.

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Latest up is 24 year old Christian Riel, who despite being a student somehow has managed to live in a house with a swimming pool and also spend £1120 on a custom mermaid tail that he regularly puts on and swims around in his bathtub, his pool and the nearby ocean. The lucky cat is also from Florida you see.

When talking about his weird and expensive hobby, Christian had the following to say:

The Little Merman

Disney’s Little Mermaid made me discover my love for the ocean and the sea.

I’ve lived in Florida for two years and drove out to the ocean whenever I had the time.

I just love sitting by the shore and love swimming in the salty sea water.

About two years ago, I found some mermaid/merman Instagram pages and that’s when I realised I want to be a merman, too.

I love the water and I love swimming with and without the tail. Wearing it makes you so much faster and it’s just an awesome feeling of liberty.

Public pools don’t allow regular fins so they wouldn’t allow mermaid tails but I do have my own pool and I love to swim in lakes and in the ocean.

I suffer from pain in my ankles when wearing my tail longer than an hour and after a couple of hours swimming my eyesight gets blurry because of salty sea water or chloride.

I’m just happy that all my friends and family love me being a fish and love to go swimming with me and enjoy taking one hundred pictures of me as a creature from the deep blue sea.

I love my life; not just because I love being a merman, but because I always do what I want to do and what I love to do. I guess that’s why I’m such a happy fish.

Most people are super sweet, interested and want to take pictures. I’ve never had to deal with any negative reactions.

The Little Merman

That’s kind of strange considering he’s from Florida and that seems to be one of the weirdest places in the whole entire world that’s completely full of negative reactions to people that are a bit different, but hey I’ll believe if he says it’s true. Happy that he’s having such a good life as well, just studying and swimming around in his expensive merman suit without a care in the world. Sounds like one hell of a life.

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