Watch This Dude Try And Slide Down The Middle Of An Escalator And Get Annihilated

Guy Sliding Down Escalator

Never going to work out.

Using an escalator is a pretty simple affair – although there is always the fear your laces might get caught and your leg might get stuck and chewed off – but there is always the temptation to slide down the middle of it because it looks super fun. It would probably end up in you getting super injured though.

That’s exactly what happened to this dude who was on a night out in London when things got a bit rowdy because the guys were really excited about seeing an escalator. I guess they don’t have too many of those in Colchester or wherever they’ve come down from.

Anyway, as you might expect when a group of drunk guys seen escalator, it isn’t long before they’re all egging each other on trying to get each other to slide down the middle of it and it’s even less time before one of them actually does it.

The time it takes him to get completely smashed up is even less than that, as he whacks into one of the signs telling people to keep right and goes absolutely flying, flipping off the escalator and slamming his back on the steps. Ouch.

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Ouch. I guess it serves him right though for being a bell end and thinking that he would just slide down like he owned the place. No mate, that never works out.

Need any more evidence? Then check out this painful looking video of some Russian kids sliding down the glass roof of a shopping centre and breaking their tailbones.


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