A Guy Slid Into A Random Girl’s DMs With A Dead Grandad Story To Try And Get A Date

Worst pick up line of all time.

In 2019 guys are trying literally anything and everything to try and get laid and to be honest it’s been kind of problematic for a long time and this story just about sums that up.

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23 year old NHS clerical officer Rachel Brogan was minding her own business when she suddenly received a message from a random number asking if she had heard about his grandad. I’ll just post a screenshot to finish off the story and explain what happened:

Lol I mean who is this guy and why does he think it’s cool to text random numbers and then hit on them? Not sure how he even knew Rachel was a girl (I guess maybe he looked at her Whatsapp profile picture but that still seems like a lot of effort) but even despite that I feel like this is a completely rogue way to try and date people because you really gotta be in dire straights if you can’t even download a dating app and use that.

Hope the guy stops being such a creep and Rachel isn’t too weirded out by it and manages to find love. Good luck to the both of them.

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