Watch This Guy As He Desperately Tries To Chat Up Girls At Winterville

Ben Philips

It’s harder to pick up girls at Winterville then you’d think.

Rising YouTube star Ben Philips thought it would be fairly easy to pick up girls at Winterville – it’s pretty much the perfect location for a date right?

He’s spending the entire afternoon there tomorrow and Snapchatting his attempts to ‘break the ice’ with the opposite sex on the brand new Cornetto Snapchat account which is fittingly called ‘cornettosnaps’.


Knowing Ben and his usual brand of humour, he’s going to come up with a whole bunch of outlandish and hilarious ways of trying to woo the fine young women of Winterville, so it’s highly recommended that you add the account ASAP and see how he’s getting on.

Maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two or could steal some of his lines, although it’s more likely that you’ll just be laughing at the embarrassing ways he’ll be getting shut down. It’s not easy picking up girls these days and breaking the ice with people you don’t know, even in a super chirpy location like Winterville.

If you want to know more about Ben, check out his YouTube channel.


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