Guy shoots himself in stomach. Idiot.


I’ve never seen someone get shot. Not in real-life, anyway. My hood isn’t like that, we don’t shoot each other. We play eye-spy or Trivial Pursuit instead. The only guns people have probably got around here are potato-guns or staple-guns or something. The times I’ve seen people get shot, or shoot themselves, have mostly been while watching films but scenes like that mostly look really fake and annoyingly shit. There’s other ways I’ve seen people really get shot, like on the internet. Everyone’s seen that clip of that guy pulling out a gun in a press conference and blasting his brains out, right? That’s old news. There’s load of other fucked-up shit out there as well, like executions and other horrible stuff that’ll make your stomach churn. One of those is the shock video called 3 Guys 1 Hammer. I’m not gonna post a link to it because some of you might get really offended and never visit Sick Chirpse again but here’s some info on it if you really want to know. You macabre cunt.

Anyway, enough about all that. It’s enough to make a guy depressed. There’s also stuff out there that makes you thank your parents for leaving you relatively intelligent as opposed to being so fvcking thick you shoot yourself in the stomach at point blank range to test out a gun. Like this guy. Skip to about 1.10.

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Even though he’s wearing body armour, it’s bound to hurt ain’t it? The speed and power of the bullet. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin -who the guy looks like a fatter version of with a bit more hair – would be hurt after doing that to himself.

Honestly, sometimes it’s enough to make a guy wonder where the fvck these people keep getting churned out from.


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