Guy Has Sex With Domino’s Pizza And Burns His Dick; Complains On Twitter And Gets Perfect Response

Domino's Pizza

This is quite possibly one of the dumbest conversations that has ever happened on Twitter.

This is one of the dumbest conversations that has ever occurred on Twitter, but the way that whoever runs Domino’s UK Twitter account kind of completely kills it and remains completely dignified in the face of mounting stupidity.

There’s two ways to do social media these days – play along with the trolls or go the opposite way and remain completely dignified and it’s arguably more fun when those in charge play along, but it can lead to trouble and also make the brand look stupid if they’re dealing with a master troll, which it seems Lad Vigo is.

As it is though, he just gets more frustrated as he tries to be more and more outrageous but is just met with a helpful answer of the moves he needs to make if he wants to take the issue further.  In my eyes, Domino’s wins, although like I said it’s way more fun when they get involved with the stupidity.

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The conversation between the two then ended, although whoever mans the Domino’s Twitter account did treat us to the following reply when asked how the hell he was able to remain so professional in the face of such stupidity.


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