Guy Stalls Saving Driver From A Burning Car So He Can Set Up His Phone To Film It

Guy Rescues Girl Burning Car

What a dickhead.

I’ve been fortunate in my life to never witness a major car crash, but I think if I did then I would try my best to help out whoever was involved with it and get them to safety if it was at all possible.

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Whilst I no doubt would be willing to take any plaudits or rewards for my actions after the event, I don’t think that I would stop to set up my phone to record myself being a hero so I could share it in a viral video afterwards. I mean, it might be nice to have a souvenir of myself being a hero or make some money off of the video afterwards, but surely it’s more important to actually save the life of the person in the burning car?

That isn’t the case for this guy who is extra specially careful to set his phone up with a good angle before he even thinks of going anywhere near the car to drag the person out. He then runs around for another couple of minutes trying to look like he’s doing something and filming the rest of what’s going on in an especially dramatic way, even though nothing really is going on. Muppet.

What a dick. I especially liked it when he was running around shouting ‘call 911’ because he couldn’t actually do that himself as his phone was set up. Idiot.

More to the point, what would have happened if he had run over to the car and it had blown up in his face because he had spent so long setting up his phone? He probably would have had a better viral video, that’s for sure, but he probably wouldn’t have a face anymore and the person in the car might be dead too. Worth it? Probably.

Here are a bunch of times where taking a selfie resulted in death. Not so cool now huh?


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