This Guy Served Up The Worst Dish In The History Of Masterchef

It literally looks like he took it a steaming turd on top of it.

If you’re going to appear on Masterchef then you should probably make sure that you know your shit and you can actually cook and make your food look fairly presentable.

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As we all know though, that isn’t always the case and this week a 36 year old IT consultant called Mark stepped up and has taken the title for the crappest dish ever prepared on the show. He thought he could rustle up some peanut butter cookies with some chocolate drizzled sauce on top of them for dessert, but it ended up looking like someone had taken a huge steaming turd all over them.

Get a load of this:

MAsterchef Turd
Masterchef Turd 2

Geez, what was he thinking there? That probably couldn’t have looked worse if he had actually decided to drop his pants and let out a huge dump on his cookie (which looks pretty pony as well now that you mention it).

Needless to say, all of the judges (and everyone watching at home posting on social media) absolutely rinsed Mark for it and he ended up getting booted off the show. Back to the drawing board buddy.

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