15 Hilarious Attempts To Make Disgusting Food Look Fancy And Appetising

Gross Food Designed To Look Awesome Featured

Every single one of them completely and utterly fails.

Unfortunately, words like ‘foodie’ and ‘food porn’ are an all too familiar in our language now and although getting awesome food that looks nice is actually a pretty fun time, it’s kind of grim that terms like that exist these days.

One side effect of it that is really really grim, yet also hilarious, is when people who have no idea about being a foodie or ‘food porn’ try to make really disgusting food into the aforementioned ‘food porn’ and it just ends up looking like a child has taken a children’s meal and rearranged it into some kind of weird cartoon landscape and then puked up all over it.

The fact that people anywhere have even come close to serving this shit fills me with dread, as does the fact that people may have actually eaten it. I sincerely hope that everyone who photographed these was doing so ironically.

1. Chicken Nuggets On A Bed Of Microwaved Mac N’ Cheese

Gross Food Trying To Look Appetising 1

If it didn’t look unappetising enough, that shooting star made up of ketchup and ranch dressing (which is a disgusting combination anyhow) really does take it to the next level. This would probably only be almost acceptable if it was made for a brain damaged baby.

2. “Eau Braised Octodog On A Bed Of Shells Au Fromage”

Gross Food Trying To Look Appetising 2

Again, this looks like the kind of meal you might see served to a brain damaged baby, or perhaps served up if you were hanging out in Return To Oz or Hell or somewhere. I mean is hot dog and pasta even a nice meal in the first place? It’s impressive how the server has got so many legs from the hot dog.

3. Deconstructed Chili Slaw Dog

Gross Food Trying To Look Appetising 3

A lot of effort clearly went into this one, it’s just a real shame that it looks like complete and utter junk. You just can’t use sausages that look like that and sauces that look like that if you want something to actually look edible.

4. Toast Circles Topped With American Cheese, Cold Hot Dogs, And Julienne Pickles

Gross Food Trying To Look Appetising 4

Even the idea of this one sounds unappetising – why would anyone want to combine cold hot dogs with toast, disgusting cheese and disgusting pickles? And presenting it in a cylindrical shape just makes the whole thing look even more disgusting. TBH I’m kinda off hot dogs all together after this list.

I don’t even want to think about what is in that sauce either.

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