Guy Knocks Out Mugger, Takes Selfie With His Body Then Puts Him In Recovery Position

Worst thief of all time.

You’d have to be proper shit at mugging people to wind up in a situation where you’re KO’d on the floor and going viral in your would-be victim’s selfie, but that’s exactly what happened to this mugger over in South Africa.

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27-year-old Nathan Wood was outside a nightclub in Stellenbosch, SA when two men followed him and his mate down an alley, where one of them pulled out a knife.

Nathan explains:

The main culprit tried to convince me it was in my best interest by brandishing a fairly large dagger and holding it to my throat.

Nathan reacted by throwing a swing at the guy and knocking him out cold with a perfect punch to the jaw.

I then convinced the mugger that it was not in his best interest by knocking him unconscious with a well-timed punch.

His friend then dashed off. I dragged him out of the street, snapped a selfie, took off his jacket and put it under his head, placed him in the recovery position and alerted security.

He adds:

If I hadn’t knocked the guy out I believe I would have been either another crime statistic or another South African that ended up in a body-bag.


Impossible to get the tables turned on you any harder than that. I mean there’s just no way you can carry on robbing people after going through something like that, right? Not to mention all the grief he’s going to get from his robber mates. Dude needs to leave South Africa ASAP and put this whole episode behind him.

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