Guy Takes A Selfie Of His Face Every Day For 16 Years

Jk Keller Selfie Every Day 16 Years

This guy knew what a selfie was before Kim Kardashian.

A dude called JK Keller was way ahead of most people in the selfie game it seems, as he decided in 1998 that he was going to take a picture of his face every day for seemingly the rest of his life in order to document the changes in his face and hair. He would definitely get a lot of use out of the selfie toaster with all those selfies.

Now, it’s 2015 and he’s accumulated over 5000 photographs of his face from I guess his late teens to being in his mid 30s and lumped them all into the time-lapse video which you can see below. There are a lot of great phases during the video but mine definitely has to be when he grows his hair out and grows a really spindly and crappy moustache.

Still, I suppose we all have that phase in our 20s and this video kind of makes me feel sad that I didn’t do something similar so I can remember all the stupid decisions I’ve made in my life like growing out my hair, dying it red and getting my lip pierced. I suppose I have a few pictures of all of those things, but it’s nowhere near as inspiring as seeing how I’ve changed and developed all the way through my life like in this video. Regret.

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